eternal songs of love and immorality

by tomato season

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recorded in an afternoon in a house in asheville with a twelve pack of pbr


released January 28, 2015



all rights reserved


tomato season England, UK

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Track Name: po po sally
po po sally, why you tryina hide? po po sally come sit by my side.
why you never never never wanna get together, why you always runnin away? we were in the boat in the nice nice weather on independence day or the afternoon in my dad's red truck with the clouds all swimmin by? well every time you see me you just get right up and you run and i wanna know why

what'samatter baby whatsammater with you? why don't you never do like i TOLD you to, if you don't stop bein so cold to me well i just might make things hot for you
Track Name: don't call me douchebag, douchebag
i ain't addicted never been addicted maybe i'm addicted i don't care i ain't a dickhead never been a dickhead maybe i'm a dickhead i don't care cos i smoke and i party and i don't care cos i'm young and i'm hot and i got it

you don't smoke you don't party and you care
you're only addicted if you're trying to quit
Track Name: things like this
things like this happen all the time. they really do, just not to you

but one day the sun will blow up and she will eat this planet whole and al that's left of us is gonna burn up in flames as hot as the flames of the hell i'm bound for and i can feel their heat, oh it keeps me warm at night when i'm trying to sleep with all the things i done and all the things i'll do

things like this happen all the time, they really do, just not to you, until they do.
Track Name: everything
everything is funny if you laugh about it, everything is sad if you think about it, all my friends are running down a path and i get none of it so let's go to the disco and forget about it

there's no such thing as a straight straight line, what you think you saw, you know was just the side of a circle and you're too close to it to see the curvature

i tend to get real tired when the talk is too intense but find myself inspired as a pleasant consequence i pick up what you put down when i find it quite quite eloquent so let's go to the party and just get our swerve on

deja vu is a boomerang that your past self threw from/to a common brain and your now self caught and you don't know what to make of it well make this of it

everything is funny if you laugh about it everything is sad if you think about it all my friends are running down a path and now i'm tired of it
so let's go to the liquor store and get our steal on
Track Name: dead dogs don't
i'd love to say i've changed
i'd love to say "i'll try"
and believe it in my brain
but you know as well as i
dead dogs don't dig up bones
to drag back home to share
and dead men don't sing songs
at least not loud enough to hear

i'd love to say "i do"
i'd love to say "i didn't"
and for all of it to be true
cos you're my precious little kitten
oh but i have seen the claws
inside them pretty paws
and i ain't got the scratch
to pay for all of that

i didn't know what i'd done
i didn't know what i'd do
when he handed me that gun
and said "may thy aim be true"
and when the blood come out his brow
i can see it so clearly now
how he bled and bled and bled
but just couldn't quite get dead

the devil ain't my friend
the devil ain't my pal
i wasn't about to let him in
but he slunk inside somehow
and didn't even wipe his shoes
and he drunk up all my booze
and now he's passed out on the couch
and he's snoring so god damn loud